European Professional Skills Validations and Certifications

Train where and when you want, with the teachers of your choice


and get your diploma distinctly from a major international institution, when you feel ready

SORBONNE Institute, partner of your future:


In more than 50 disciplines, with 4 distinct levels of certification of skill levels, and several options for certain disciplines, there are more than 280 possible combinations to date which allow candidates to be validated as closely as possible to their needs.


International Certification: INSTEUROPE:


In accordance with the principle of mutual recognition and European harmonisation,


SORBONNE INSTITUT is able to independently recognize the validation of a title


professional by EQUIVALENCE or DEFENSE


* equivalence is the demonstration of acquired experience validated by indisputable professionals.


* The Defense results from the presentation before a Jury of a dissertation or thesis, depending on the level targeted, which recognizes the applicant's resulting professional capacity.



* true autodidacts


* entrepreneurs


* Employees looking for promotion, Executives in development


* Elected officials interested in updating their knowledge


* Students in retraining or seeking international recognition , etc...



on individual file


No condition of nationality, age or prerequisite diplomas is necessary.


On the other hand, a very serious validation project must be presented, either by an educational plan supported by an approved teacher, or by the presentation of a work (production, thesis, book) sponsored by indisputable experts. Only certain titles protected by law are excluded from the scope of our certification. The jury decides independently on the awarding of the title, giving reasons for its decision.




The procedure: All applicants must submit their request, their motivations and the title they intend to obtain via the contact form. He attaches to his request the justifications that support his request such as:




Summary of knowledge, experience and possibly diplomas obtained (Curriculum vitae)


· Professional project


· Statement of achievements


Possibly: Testimonials, Recommendations






The selection is made by means of an admission interview by videoconference with the authority of Sorbonne Institut in charge of applications, where many aspects of the application are discussed as well as the organization and the professional project. The rejection rate is around 50% for first requests. This process is of course free of charge.

a global commitment:

Allow talents and skills from all over the world to benefit from technological progress in education, for those who are far from university centers of excellence, who cannot devote years of full-time study or invest considerable sums to come and attend the 5 th arrondissement of Paris, such is the vocation of



With a rigorous procedure but where benevolence rhymes with competence, candidates for a professional certificate, a SPECIALTY LICENSE, A PROFESSIONAL MASTER or a DOCTORAL registration on the list of EXPERTS with the EUROPEAN COMMISSION, can obtain the title qu they aim at the lowest cost, with the educational support they choose and this without necessarily leaving their region

From now on, ANYWHERE in the WORLD, a candidate determined to justify the skills resulting from his personal work, from his acquired skills, can obtain an indisputable validation of his skills, his know-how, and rise in the ladder while allowing his region, his country, to avoid the human and financial losses of impossible investments

PRICES 2022/2023




Subject to eligibility:








License: 1100€ (330€ application fee; 440€ examination and jury fees; 330€ issuance of the title and inscription in the university file of the Sorbonne Institute)




Master: 1843€ (553€ registration fee; 737€ examination and jury fees; 553€ issuance of the title and inscription in the university file of the Sorbonne Institute)




Doctorate Certified title of European Expert: 2500 € (750 € registration fee, 1000 € examination and jury fees; 750 € issuance of the title and entry in the university file of the Sorbonne Institute)






 1) Automatic reduction of the enrollment fee in case of transition from a university certificate to a bachelor’s degree, from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree, from a master’s to a doctorate.




2) Possibility of splitting payments and grants for the working students of the institute

SORBONNE INSTITUT : International Professional skills Validations and Certifications

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Anyone is authorized to request, using the form below, verification that a holder of a sorbonne institute title is actually the holder of this title. No formality is necessary, there are no costs.