Proof of your skills: INSTEUROPE

by equivalense

 or defense:

University Certificates, Masterpro, Ph.D (SPECIALIST EUROPEAN EXPERT)



                                                     Ph.D. INSTEUROPE SORBONNE INSTITUT



SORBONNE INSTITUT: certification of your skills

· In accordance with the principle of mutual recognition and European harmonization, the validation of a professional title can result from one or other of the two ways proposed: EQUIVALENCE or CERTIFICATION; * equivalence is the demonstration of acquired experience validated by indisputable professionals. * Certification results from the defense before a Jury of a dissertation or thesis, depending on the level targeted, which recognizes the applicant's resulting professional capacity. Consequently, no condition of age or prerequisite diplomas is necessary. Only certain titles protected by law are excluded from the scope of our certification. The jury decides independently on the awarding of the title, giving reasons for its decision.

The procedure: All applicants must initially present their request, their motivations and the title they intend to obtain. He attaches to his request the justifications that support his request such as:

 Resume

 Professional project

 Statement of achievements

 Testimonials, Recommendations

After an interview by videoconference with the authority of Sorbonne Institut in charge of applications, a program, a schedule and a budget are agreed, depending on whether the applicant is able to quickly present his sponsored work as well as his experience, or whether he requires the necessary time to write his dissertation with the possible support of a Director of Studies. In this second case, the applicant is considered as an admitted memoirist awaiting defence. He can mention it in his CV by specifying the title concerned.

       cost and fees/Year 2021/2022:


- University certificate: 357 €

- Masterpro: 1843 €

- Specialist european Expert Ph.D : 2498€